Orthopedic pillows

Pillow  Memory Silver

The pillowcase is made of special fibers that are wrapped in silver ions, with anti-microbial, anti-static and anti-odor properties. Last but not least, the Memory Silver Anatomic cushion ensures the control of temperature and humidity, and silver-coated fibers reduce any excess heat or humidity. The 3D airless material ensures better cushioning of the cushion so that you do not get hot in the summer. The memory foam pillow has an anatomical shape that makes it ideal for all sleeping positions, but especially for people who have problems with head and neck pain.


  • Size 30×50 cm
  • Anatomical shape for all sleeping positions
  • Ideal for neck support
  • Silver Ion pouch with antimicrobial and anti-allergic effect
  • Higher comfort thanks to memory foam
  • 3D airmesh material ensures good ventilation
  • Maintains clean skin
  • Removable and washable pouch

Pillow HypoallergenicMed

Recommended for people suffering from allergies, the filling is pre-packed in individual beads (curly fiber or bunch) of the size of a pearl, resulting in a very good anti-agglomeration capacity, which means it will retain its original properties for a long time even after many washing or when the pillow has been pressed / depressed for a long time.

  • Size: 50×70 cm
  • Washable at 95 degrees
  • Firmness level: medium to hard
  • Filling material: 100% hypoallergenic polyester fiber
  • Face material: 100% polyester microfibre

Pillow Confort

  • Size: 50×70 cm
  • Firmness level: medium to hard
  • Sleep position: all sleep positions
  • Filling material: 100% Superball ball type polyester
  • Composition pouch: 100% polyester printed microfiber
  • Washable at 40 degrees

Pillow with Goose fluff

The natural pillow with goose fluff is made using natural components

  • The stuffing made of goose fluff makes this pillow flexible but at the same time it has a high level of firmness.
  • The pillow goose fluff are washed and treated at high temperatures.
  • 100% cotton sides are pleasing to the touch to give you extra comfort.
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Size : 50×70 cm;
  • Filling: 100% goose feathers
  • Girls material: 100% cotton

Pillow Bambus Memory 

Grab this special offer with a very comfortable set of Somnart Bambus Memory Foam Cushions, priced at one price. Although they are in a classical form, Memory foam flakes take the shape of the head and neck while keeping them in a correct position.

The bamboo-treated case is removable and washable at 40 degrees

  • Sleep position: All sleep positions
  • Size: 50×70 cm
  • Purse composition: 60% polyester – 40% viscose
  • Core composition: 100% memory polyurethane foam

Somnart Pillow 4 Seasons Memory and Aloe Vera

Pillow 4 Aloe Vera-based Memory foam seasons is the perfect choice for any season. This pillow has two different faces: one made of warm and cushioned material for the cold season and a face with breathable material for hot summer nights. The core made of memory flakes makes this pillow suitable for all sleeping positions and gives you superior comfort. The skin treated with Aloe Vera is removable and washable.

  • Sleep position: All sleep positions
  • Size: 40×60 cm
  • Filling material: memory foam flakes
  • Sides: 100% polyester

Pillow Ergonomică Memory Aloe Vera

Cushion with a memory foam core with a large size of 42x72x12 cm, which ensures a correct position of the body during sleep. Removable and washable case at 40 degrees, treated with Aloe Vera.

  • Sleep position: all sleep positions
  • Size: 42x72x12 cm
  • Core material: 100% Memory foam
  • Pillow case: 100% polyester knit


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